• This isn't just beauty.





    At Temple Beauty Rituals our treatments are based upon the principles of restoring balance & harmony to the mind, body and soul.


    Every treatment is transformed into a unique and personal occasion.


    A moment especially for you.


    We begin each treatment with a systematic analysis and diagnosis to reveal your primary focus and then will tailor the treatment to your individual needs.


    We are committed to exceeding your expectations each and every time you visit us.


    We look forward to the pleasure of your company soon.

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    Waxing, Tanning & Tinting


    Eyebrow Wax..... $22.50
    Lip or chin.....$15
    Full Leg.....$55
    1⁄2 Leg.....$40
    Bikini (from).....$20

    G-String $35

    Half Arm.....$25
    Full arm....$35



    Eye Lash Tint –

    (includes a scalp massage)..... $25
    Brow Tint..... $15

    Henna Brow Tint & Wax..... $55


    Lash Lift -

    (includes Lash tint)..... $85


    Sensational Eyes –

    Eyebrow wax, Brow tint &
    Lash tint (30 mins)..... $55


    Super Sensational Eyes –

    Eyebrow wax, Brow tint,
    Lash tint & Lash lift..... $110


    Spray Tan (15mins)........ $35

    For that perfect tan without the effects of those damaging rays.
    A beautiful botanical based formula enriched

    with Aloe Vera produces an even natural healthy glow.


    Naked Tan is available in 4 shades

    so that we can specifically match

    your skin type & tanning needs.

    It is ready to wash and wear in only 2 hrs.



    Facial Treatments


    All facial treatments include skin analysis,

    skin management advise and product prescriptions.




    Mini Facial (30mins)............ $60
    The perfect treatment for those on the go

    or as an add on to anybody treatment!

    It is a quick skincare solution designed individually

    for your needs wether they are hydration,

    deep cleansing or relaxation.


    La Clinica Organic Facial (50mins).................. $90
    100% certified organic products, using only the highest quality ingredients.

    With a focus on visible results, this luxury high performance facial

    caters to all skin types and conditions.


    Course of 5 La Clinica Gly C Facials (20mins).....$200
    Each facial increases in strength.

    The Glycolic acid & Vitamin C combination work to reveal healthy beautiful skin.

    For optimum results these facials should be done weekly.


    Skin Renewal with AHA (45mins)...........$100
    This is a great skin pick me up which uses fruit acids to invigorate
    and rejuvenate the skin. This treatment helps to minimise fine lines
    & wrinkles, lighten pigmentation, reduce enlarged pores, increase
    hydration and minimise blemishes.


    Regenerating Facial (55mins)...............$120
    The ideal treatment to regenerate and strengthen the skin. The
    Biogen Cellular formulation has been referred to as a miracle
    cream, designed to heal, calm and protect. This deep skin
    regeneration promotes optimum skin health and gives the skin a
    lastingly smooth, refined & glowing appearance.


    Collagen Booster Facial (55mins)..........$120
    Anti Ageing! Hydrates, plumps, firms & lifts. Pure collagen extracts
    saturate the skin with moisture, stimulating natural collagen
    production, plumping fine lines leaving the skin looking visibly
    smoother and more radiant.


    Vitamin Detox Facial (55mins)...........$120
    A blend of potent vitamins and minerals stimulates the skins cell renewal processes

    while enhancing the skin’s natural defenses against environmental ageing.

    A super relaxing lymphatic drainage massage aids the detoxification

    resulting in a smoother more youthful rosy complexion.


    Oxygen Youth Elixir Facial –
    The Natural Face Lift (55mins)...........$120

    This “Natural Face Lift” is perfect for brides or any special occasion.

    Pure Oxygen rejuvenates your skin and is used to push Vitamins A, C, E

    & essential minerals into the skin for a

    fresher, healthier, firmer and more youthful glow.


    Energy Green Peel (80mins)..........$160
    Revitalises the skin revealing glowing skin with renewed freshness, vitality and radiance.

    Diminishes skin problems caused by ageing.

    Perfect for the décolletage and is ideal as an intensive treatment several times a year.


    Classic Green Peel (2 x 55min Facials & 1 x 15min consultation + homecare products)....$680
    This medically developed plant based peeling treatment reduces

    cell turnover time from 28 days down to 5.

    New skin in just 5 days! Cell turnover is increased and new cells are driven

    to the surface pushing off the unhealthy skin layers.

    This intense treatment offers the solution for a number of skin problems:

    Large pores, impure skin, dull, sun damaged skin,

    hyperpigmentation, scars, acne, wrinkles, and fine lines.


    Just For Him



    Mens Skin Fitness (50mins)...............$90
    Feel completely relaxed during this deep cleansing and hydrating
    treatment which will be customised to your specific needs and
    is great for all skin types. A massage for the face, shoulders and

    scalp will stimulate the senses.



    Using a combination of powerful cosmetic ingredients,

    diamond-tipped microdermabrasion and vacuum suction,

    this unique treatment works to remove dead skin and debris,

    while stimulating collagen production to restore elasticity.

    Microdermabrasion is not only an excellent maintenance treatment for normal skin,

    it is also a desirable option to treat acne and the signs of premature ageing.

    Micro Express (45mins).....$90

    Micro Renewal + Peel (60mins).....$120

    Micro Deluxe + Peel & Mask (80mins).....$140


    Eye Enhancer .........$20
    Anti wrinkle eye pads help eliminate puffiness & dark circles while
    also minimizing fine lines by rehydrating the delicate eye area.


    Plaster Mask (30mins).........$20
    Enhance the results of your facial, this plaster mask pushes
    products into the skin.


    Hair Treatment ......... $20
    Turn your dry hair into nourished smooth locks.

    Fluid…. $15
    Upgrade your facial with a fluid, 8 times stronger than your moisturizer.

    Massage Treatments


    30 minute massage ........................ $55
    Perfect as an add on to any other treatment or for those with time
    restrictions. This massage will focus on the body area of your
    choice. eg. Back or neck and shoulders or legs.


    Swedish (50mins)....... $90 (80mins)....... $125
    Totally relaxing. This massage stimulates soft tissue & muscles,
    increases circulation and is the ideal treatment for stress reduction.
    The perfect introduction for those new to massage.


    Aromatic Massage (50mins)....... $95 (80mins)....... $130
    Balance your mind and body. Select the blend to suit your mood,
    enhancing your Swedish massage.


    Hot Stone Therapy (50mins)....... $105 (80mins)....... $145
    This age old therapy goes beyond the physical and allows you to
    enter a deeper state of relaxation, health and wellbeing. Stones are
    used in stationary placements as well as being incorporated into a
    flowing full body massage.


    Lymphatic Drainage (50mins)...............$100
    A light slow massage, which stimulates lymphatic flow to eliminate
    toxins from the body and increase energy levels. This massage
    includes facial drainage techniques which help relieve tension
    associated with headache, sinus and hay fever symptoms.


    Pregnancy Massage (50mins)...$100 (80mins) ......... $135
    Let us look after you in this special time of your life.

    During pregnancy the body goes through many changes,

    massage is the perfect way to reduce stress and relieve aches and pains.

    We have a special pregnancy table and many options to keep you comfortable.

    (Suitable after the first trimester.)


    Body Treatments


    Aromatic Sugar Glow (55mins)...............$95

    An aromatic oil of your choice is massaged over the body.

    This is followed by the sugar rub to exfoliate and expose fresh renewed tingling skin.

    Warm compresses are used to remove the sugar rub before you are covered

    in a nourishing body butter,

    which is allowed to infuse into the skin while you receive a relaxing scalp massage.


    Coconut & Honey Butter Cream Ritual

    (50mins).......... $90
    This delicious exfoliating massage treatment is the ideal way

    to soothe and renew the body and soul.

    Rehydrate your skin to restore a healthy glow.


    Warm Island Wrap (80mins)...................$125
    Nourish & hydrate your dry skin with this divine wrap. Warm oil is
    combined with our coconut body scrub to gently exfoliate, smooth
    and soften your skin. While you are enveloped in our coconut body
    butter your stress & tension will melt away with a heavenly scalp


    Algae Hydrating Wrap (80mins) ....... $150

    This treatment starts with body brushing to stimulate the lymphatic system.

    Next you are covered from head to toe in the algae body pack which

    is full of trace elements & minerals.

    While cocooned in plastic you will receive a divine scalp & foot massage.

    Once the body pack is removed a delicious & nourishing moisturiser is massaged in




    Hand & Feet Treatments


    Hand Ritual (55mins) .................... $85
    Restore your hands to their natural beauty.

    This intense hand treatment includes a hand bath, scrub,

    paraffin application, relaxing hand & arm massage,

    and a complete nail treatment to pamper
    hydrate & soothe your hands.


    Foot Ritual (60mins)................... $90
    Beautify and rejuvenate one of the most neglected

    parts of the body.

    This treatment includes a foot soak, scrub,

    relaxing foot & calf massage,

    and a complete nail treatment to revive and

    renew your feet.

    Lie back and enjoy this deluxe ritual while

    receiving a firming eye treatment.


    Buff & Polish Toes or Fingers (30mins)........... $45
    Includes filing, cuticle work, buff and paint.


    French Polish (10mins) ................... $10


    Shellac Application

    (add 15mins to a buff & polish or Foot Ritual)....... $10
    For colour that lasts & lasts.

    Paints on like a polish but sets under the UV lamp.

    No Maintenance required or harmful buffing,

    just simply soak off.





    Refresh (50mins)................. $100
    Experience both our mini facial & mini massage

    for maximum relaxation.


    Harmony (2hrs)....................$170
    Combining a relaxing Swedish massage and

    the radiant La Clinica Organic Facial

    this package leaves nothing left to be desired.



    Enliven Package (2hrs) ................... $180
    Enliven your skin with the Aromatic Sugar Glow &

    then settle back for a relaxing massage & mini facial,

    including the sensational scalp massage.


    Revitalise (3hrs).......................$250
    This is the perfect pamper package!

    It combines a relaxing Swedish Massage, Foot Ritual

    and La Clinica Organic Facial.

    This treatment can also be modified to be

    the perfect pregnancy package using the pregnancy table.

    Let us pamper you in that special time of your life.




    Founded over 50 years ago BABOR's philosophy

    is based on a holistic and natural approach.

    Dr Babor is a cosmeceutical range and

    is the ultimate choice in anti-ageing.

    Its complex ingredients restructure and

    lift the skin from the inside out.


    La Clinica

    Beautiful skin starts here.

    La Clinica is a skin care line focused on visible results,

    purity and organic ingredients.

    100% Australian owned and organic certified.


    Naked Tan
    A beautiful botanical based formula enriched with Aloe Vera,

    produces an even natural and healthy glow.

    Naked tan is available in 4 shades so that we can specifically match

    your skin type.

    Ready to wash & wear in only two hours.


    Pure Fiji

    Welcome to the Pure Fiji experience.

    These delicious aromatic products, represent the lifestyle in the Pacific.

    Pristine environment, a bounty of fresh and natural ingredients,

    and traditions that have been in place for centuries.



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    To ensure that you get the most out of your experience
    please arrive 10mins prior to your treatment time & ensure
    that your mobile is turned to silent.


    Time is precious –

    24hrs notice is appreciated for cancellations

    or changes to your appointment.


    Late arrival may result in your appointment

    being shortened.


    We accept cash and most major credit cards.

    All prices are subject to change & include GST.
    Some treatments may require a 50% deposit

    or credit card details to secure the booking.

    Failure to show or late cancellation may result in a deposit

    being required for your next booking.



    A 10% surcharge applies on public holidays.


    For clients who find it difficult to visit the salon

    we would love to still look after you!


    We are happy to provide mobile beauty services to Newcastle and surrounding areas

    although a minimum treatment fee of $50 is required.


    Imagine having a massage or facial in the comfort of your own home

    without having to face the world afterwards.

    We offer all of our treatments as a mobile service bringing

    the day spa experience to you.